Hi! I’m Raissa and welcome to ‘a lovely nook’—a corner of the world wide web I claim as my own and where writing is the beat of my heart.

I’m a southern gal. I am wife to my handsome, urban farmer and momma to my three cute and spunky, curly, blonde-headed boy babes.  I love books, though my readings as of late consist of dinosaur and Star Wars books. I was a teacher for 10 years but recently “retired”. Now I am starting a new chapter – writing and creating digital products and continuing work as a virtual assistant.

I love baking and cooking – that is what you will find a lot of here. Cooking and baking is my love language. All things gluten-free – when I was eighteen I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease. GF food has come a LONG way!

I am experiencing life in a new whirlwind of mourning and dancing, and I believe every story is worth listening to. After the loss of my mother six years ago, I began intentionally setting aside time to write. And reading other’s stories. It all fed my soul, and in the mist of such a trial, the connections made me feel not so alone.

Here in my little corner of the world, it’s a medley of motherhood, recipes, baking highlights and bits of my story. My prayer is that you would feel encouraged, comforted, and a sense of friendship.