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I use to think that blogs were just avenues for people to draw attention to themselves, to feel some sort of affirmation. But now I get it. For several years now, I have followed a handful of blogs. I have always been drawn to reading others stories, their journeys through life. Each so unique, with their own highs and lows, trials and triumphs, and each so worthy to be read. There is a comfort, a peace, that comes with reading another’s story. A connection takes place in that we are not alone in our journeys or emotions, and the realization resonates that the world is so much bigger than your own perspective.

I always tell my students that respect for the person sitting next to you, starts with hearing their story and sharing empathy with them. In doing that, the realization that my journey is no more painful or wounding that another’s begins to set in. Human nature, is the temptation to maintain a “woe is me” mindset, which is indeed dangerous and exactly where satan wants one to dwell. All our attention and energy is turned inward, we turn egocentric and miss all the beauty. We miss all the moments, the beautiful glimpses of heaven touching earth.

My momma lived in the glorious expectation of heaven kissing earth, and worked to usher those moments in. No matter the life circumstance, even in the mist of life’s worries, life was to be lived, and she did just that. Angel tea parties and tadpole sanctuaries, baking cookies and notes of affirmation, mani/pedi dates and birthday cakes for her classes, planting gardens and late summer nights swimming at Aunt Bitsy’s, strawberry shortcake sundaes and words of wisdom, Anne of Green Gables and Little Women, hugs and kisses, happy dances and endless laughter.

I am not sharing my story to draw attention to myself or seek affirmation, but rather, I offer my story to you, so that it might bring comfort in that you are not alone. Wherever you find yourself in your journey, we walk together, ushering in moments of heaven kissing earth.

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