Gluten Free Molasses Cookies

We really didn’t grow up eating molasses cookies, even though my mom loved molasses. So my first experience with this amazing-ness, was when my sweet husband found this little gem in Tulsa called Barbee’s Cookies. Have you heard of it? You should definitely visit, especially if you are GF.

When we first married, he worked at a law firm, which was down the street from Barbee’s. He found out they made gluten free cookies and surprised me one day, with a box of cookies. Man after my own heart! I love these sweets memories from newlywed-hood, when it was just you two, and everything was so new. The wooing nowadays consists of doing dishes and laundry, which is AMAZING, but in those early days of surprising one another with little gifts or surprise dates, those memories are filled with such sweetness. The beginning of falling in love with this person I thought I knew before marriage, but now know in the most intimate, beautiful way. I look back and appreciate the simplicity and vulnerability those early years hold.

Anyways, Corey’s gift of a box of cookies was when I first tried a molasses cookie, oh my heavens. I adore them, and I think they go particularly well with the holidays!

I will say that Wyatt started crying last night when I didn’t pull chocolate cookies out of the oven, but then proceeded to eat two of these little darlings, saying “these so good mama”.

Happy molasses cookie making! 🙂


1 CUP brown sugar

3/4 CUP softened salted butter

1/4 CUP molasses

1 egg

1 TSP vanilla

2 1/4 CUP gluten free flour (I use Cup 4 Cup Gluten Free Flour)

2 TSP baking soda

1 TSP ground cinnamon

1 TSP ground ginger

3/4 TSP ground cloves

1/4 CUP granulated sugar (I use coconut sugar)


Preheat oven to 325 degrees F. Line baking sheet with parchment paper.

In standing mixer, beat brown sugar, butter, molasses, egg and vanilla, on medium speed for 1 minute.

Whisk together flour, soda, cinnamon, ginger and cloves in a separate bowl. Once combined, add to wet ingredients, and combine on medium speed for 1 minute.

Refrigerate dough for 30 minutes. Place sugar on a dinner plate. Remove dough from the refrigerator,and using a spoon, scoop out the dough and form into balls. Roll the balls in sugar and place on baking sheet.

Bake for 13-15 minutes. Let rest on baking sheet for 2 minutes, then using a spatula, move cookies to a cooling rack.

Pour yourself a glass of milk, and enjoy!


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