DIY Thieves Hand Soap

When I started having the babes, I really started to evaluate what is in our home. When I was pregnant with Wyatt I went a little crazy. Like nesting was taken to a whole new level. And the nesting crazy has increased it’s intensity with each pregnancy. We baby proofed, switched to ‘cleaner’ household products, started using oils, started eating healthier.

We have been diffusing oils for several years now, but now I am diving into using them in more ways to help our bodies. I also re-evaluated the cleaning products we were using. And surprisingly, Mrs. Meyers hand soap, a product we had used for several years, only scores a 5 on the “Think Dirty” app.

Side note: Have you heard of this app. It’s addicting. You scan the barcode of products and it gives you an overall “score” of “cleanness” while breaking down all the ingredients. It’s amazing!

Anyways, collide implementing more oils into our home and the need to replace my Mrs. Meyer’s hand soap, you get DIY Thieves Foaming Hand Soap. Super duper easy, cost effective, clean for my family, smells divine. I mean lots of wins happening over here!

Enjoy! XO


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